what to do with injured rat

Cream Injured Her Tail 😢
This past Friday I accidentally squished Cream's tail, resulting in a skin tear. Luckily it didn't result in an actual degloving but even so, I feel awful about what ...)
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3 Ways to Take Care of a Paralyzed Rat - wikiHow: 11-1-2013 · How to Take Care of a Paralyzed Rat. ... Do a daily assessment of your rat's ... refer you to a specialist that works with injured animals or rodents ... Injured wild rat, please help - ratforum.com: 8-2-2011 · I haven't noticed an infestation of rats, ... Injured wild rat, ... is a death sentence as they will be killed by any rat colonies they come across.. what do I do ... Rat with injured paw, not sure what to do …: 4-3-2009 · Last night, I went to clean out my rat's cage and I noticed that one of them (Spock) had a bleeding paw. She didn't act like she was in pain, in fact she was running ... Injured/dying rat on patio, what do I do? : AskReddit: http://imgur.com/MIccw.jpg I was cleaning up my patio this morning and found this little guy. He is still breathing but not moving much. I... AFRMA - Medical - Broken Leg; Mass Pops Out; …: As far as what to do medically, the injured rats and rat with rectal/vulvar bleeding should be seen by your veterinarian and treated accordingly. What to do with an injured baby rat? | Yahoo …: 7-8-2018 · I have a baby rat, about 2 weeks old (eyes open) and it was recently bitten on the head by its mama. It’s bleeding profusely and at first there was also ... What do you do with injured mice?? | Pet Forums …: 3-5-2012 · What do you do with injured mice?? ... however, it's injured badly then I'll help it on it's way into the ... Only very occasionally do they bring a rat or mouse in. What does PetSmart do with sick/injured rats? - …: 4-1-2009 · What does PetSmart do with sick/injured rats? Goosemoose Pet Portal. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your ... News: Help Support the Forum! Will a rat hurt an injured rat - answers.com: This very much depends on the gender, and social situation. Were these rats living together? If not, there is a high chance of the advantaged rat. Injured wild animals - Nearest wildlife centre - RSPCA: What to do with injured wild animals. If you find an injured wild animal, watch it first to see how badly hurt it is.